Who is who

Libor Novák

Mr. Libor Novák is managing director of Ircon since 2003. He represents the company and its services to current and potential clients and donors, seeks the new business opportunities and acquisitions. more

Václav Weinfurt

Vaclav Weinfurt has been working in the company since 2013 on position of project manager specialized for construction projects, drinking water supply projects, wastewater treatment projects and waste management projects. more

Pavel Jirák

Pavel Jirák is project manager for international projects implemented by company Ircon since 2014. He is expert in the field of water management and water structures with special focus on irrigation, waste water treatment and drinking water supply. more

Petra Trynerová

Petra Trynerova has been working in Ircon, except for two-year stay abroad, since the company founding as assistant and certified accountant. She participates in the administration of projects and their financial management. more

Miroslav Krčma

Miroslav Krčma is consultant in the field of management systems, environmental laws and regulations and industrial ecology. He is lecturer of many courses, e.g. in company Gradua-CEGOS, s.r.o. or in certification bodies. more

Cristina Conea

Cristina Conea has been working in the company since 2019 as project manager and assistant, mainly on Czech donated projects in Moldova. Cristina graduated as MSc student at Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague, Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences. She is focused on International Development and Agricultural Economics. She got familiar with Project Management, Principles of Development Institutions, Micro-financing and Rural Economics, Development and Poverty Reduction Strategies. more

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