Miroslav Krčma

Miroslav Krčma is consultant in the field of management systems, environmental laws and regulations and industrial ecology. He is lecturer of many courses, e.g. in company Gradua-CEGOS, s.r.o. or in certification bodies.

He is co-author of several handbooks, actively participates on technical standards translation into Czech language.

He is graduate of Faculty of Science at Charles University in Prague, majored in environmental studies. He keeps and improves his expertise by way of professional training and courses, he is certified environmental manager also by EOQ, attended course for quality management system managers, authorised to assess waste hazardous properties, authorised occupational health and safety expert, member of technical normalisation commission for environmental management, member of expert boards and commissions.
He is engaged in advisory and lecturing focused on management systems (environmental management systems, EMAS, quality management systems, occupational health and safety management systems, document control), waste management, chemical substances management (REACH), integrated pollution prevention and pollution minimization, occupational health and safety, energy savings and energy efficiency, life cycle assessment (LCA) and eco-design, social responsibility etc. His specialization is information technology administration and application of information systems.

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