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    Moldova - Improvement of living conditions and environment in Leova through reconstruction of local water management

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Water is the natural substance you need every day


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Ircon ltd. is a company, based in the Czech Republic, that implements projects in the fields of water and sanitation, solid waste management, environmental management and education.
The company’s mission is to contribute significantly to the protection of the environment by conserving water and assisting with putting in place proper solid waste management systems in developing countries.
Ircon possess unique expertise gained during 15 years of implementation of water and sanitation projects in Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Africa and Europe.

 Ircon provides consultancy services to national and local governments in the field of water and solid waste management and development of legislative frameworks.
The Ircon Company was established in 2003 by a team of experienced water and sanitation experts. Since that time, the company has implemented more than 50 projects in various countries; including Ethiopia, Mongolia, Georgia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Sri Lanka, Macedonia, India, Belarus, Kosovo and many more.