Waste Water Treatment Plant in Harilaçi



Project name: Construction of a waste water treatment plant in Harilaçi, Kosovo
Financed by: Czech Development Agency
Implemented by: Ircon ltd, TopolWater ltd and DEKONTA, a.s.
Project partner: Regional Water Company of Prishtina
Implementation period: 07/2011 – 11/2013

The project Construction of the Harilaçi Wastewater Treatment Plant was aimed to contribute to the reduction of groundwater contamination by waste water produced in small town of Harilaçi which is located in the suburb of Kosovo‘s capital Prishtina, in the Fushe Kosovo district. This project brought the first ever installation of the technology for biological treatment of waste water based on aeration processes to the newly created state of Kosovo. This fact was besides the construction itself the main outcome of the project and very important step towards the further development of the water and sanitation sector in Kosovo. Therefore great emphasis were placed on the detailed introduction of the modern technologies for waste water treatment and also methodology of sampling and their laboratory evaluation to the management and workers of the partner organization – Regional Water Company of Prishtina (RWCP) This governmental organization is responsible for supplying drinking water to approx.. 600,000 inhabitants of the capital of Kosovo, as well as for wastewater treatment and disposal.

Under the project, a modern biological waste water treatment plant of the MONOBLOK type for a total of 1,300 equivalent inhabitants was built on the outskirts of Harilaçi near the international airport. After evaluation of the testing run and training of the service and maintenance staff, the plant was handed over to the partner organization. At the same time, RWCP workers were acquainted with sub‑processes and procedures for wastewater treatment, available technologies and their advantages and disadvantages for specific types of pollution. In Harilaci and two adjacent municipalities, a large‑scale awareness campaign was also carried out, focusing mainly on youth and women‘s groups. The aim of this campaign was to improve the management of waste water and waste in general in households and to introduce basic environmental principles.

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