Water management of Leova city


Republic of Moldova

Project name: Water management of Leova city, Republic of Moldova 
Financed by: Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic
Implemented by: Ircon, Ltd., Tesla, a.s.
Project partner: Municipality Leova
Implementation period: 2006 – 2008

The aim of this project was to improve the living conditions of the inhabitants of the city of Leova, located approx. 100 km south of the capital of Moldova, Chisinau. This city lies on the border river with Romania Prut and is thus on the borders of the enlarged EU. This river is a source of drinking water for the city's population, but unfortunately it also serves as a repository for everything unnecessary, including wastewater. The negative impact of this wastewater disposal is an obvious reason for the pollution of shallow wells in the vicinity of the WWTP with fecal substances. The first goal of this project was the reconstruction of the local WWTP, and thus prevent further leakage of harmful substances into groundwater and surface water. The second goal of the project was to increase the efficiency of the local municipal drinking water treatment plant, which has major technical shortcomings in the field of removal of suspended solids.

In 2006, a detailed feasibility study for the reconstruction of the WWTP was prepared, in 2007 the project documentation for the reconstruction was prepared, and the construction part of the reconstruction was entrusted to a Moldovan company.

In 2007, the WWTP was reconstructed, and the local city hall also took part in its reconstruction, paying for the construction part, including the construction of a compressor room and landscaping. The energy consumption for wastewater treatment to EU standards is now less than 5% compared to the situation before the reconstruction. In 2007, a feasibility study was prepared for the reconstruction of the municipal water treatment plant. The reconstruction was carried out in 2008 in cooperation with the technology supplier (Tesla a.s.).

Due to the implementation of the project, the point source of pollution (WWTP) was removed, thus improving the status of groundwater and surface water. Thanks to the reconstruction of the waterworks, the quality of drinking water supplied to the municipal water supply was improved. The main beneficiaries are the local population, which were negatively affected by the poor quality of the drinking water supplied.

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