Reduction of surface- and underground water pollution in Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka

Project name: Reduction of surface- and underground water pollution of Sri Lanka through application of environmental technologies in water sector
Financed by: Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic  
Implemented by: Ircon ltd, TopolWater ltd, MEGA a.s., StS Slovácko
Project partner: Ministry of the Environment of the Sri Lanka
Implementation period: 2004 - 2006

This project is implemented since the beginning of 2004.  It is focused, according to our policy, on capacity strengthening in waste water management, both in industry and municipal area. 

During the first phases of the project we were „targeted“ by tsunami, this catastrophe changed considerably selection of our project partners.  For example, the National Housing Authority has changed its priorities to tsunami victims re-allocation schemes.  Our main project partner is company with the oldest history on the island. In close co-operation with this company, we have installed technology for biological waste water treatment in the centre of the island, later also technology for waste water recycling from car washing.  This type of waste water largely contributes to the total pollution of nearby sea, due to high number of washed vehicles and engine oil changing.  Nevertheless, untreated municipal waste waters also represent large volume of pollution, especially of inland waters.  Several seminars focused on waste waters and technologies available have been organised, and co-operation with local Central Environmental Authority focused on development of a new limits for industrial waste waters release in under preparation.  Co-operation with local Ministry of Health and Nutrition is focused on development of new limits for release of waste waters from hospitals. 

Management of the project

  • Promotion of environment friendly technologies
  • Support to the local government and municipalities in the area of modern environmental policy
  • Preparation of detailed feasibility studies
  • Demonstration of modern approach in protection of environment with the help of Czech know-how
  • Training of locals in assembly and putting into operation of a wastewater treatment plant
  • Education and training of local employees
  • Support of local private sector in the area of manufacturing of environmental technologies
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