Project: Establishment of a Sustainable System of Drinking Water Supply in Small Towns of Sidama Zone, SNNPR


Since 2011 Ircon as the leader of “Sidama Water Supply Association” implements water project in three towns in Sidama Zone, SNNPR, Ethiopia. The other members of the association are Czech companies Aquatest and Geotest. The local partner for WASH Campaign is the Czech NGO People in Need (Mission to Ethiopia) and we also cooperate with the local subcontractors for drilling and construction works.

The project aims to create a sustainable system of water supply for the populations living in the towns Daye, Bona and Hagara Salam of Sidama Zone. The main project components are provision of two fully functional drinking water distribution networks in towns Daye (Bensa Woreda) and Hagara Salam (Hula Woreda) with newly provided sources of safe drinking water from the drilled boreholes. In the third town – Bona (Bonazuria Woreda) one new borehole was also provided. Equally important part of the project is the capacity building of the local operators of the future systems in water management and operation and maintenance. The extensive hygiene promotion campaign in all three towns is also integral component of the project.

This project has been implemented between 2011 and 2013 and is funded by Czech Development Agency within the Czech Development Cooperation.

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