Cristina Conea

Project manager

Cristina Conea has been working in the company since 2019 as project manager and assistant, mainly on Czech donated projects in Moldova. Cristina graduated as MSc student at Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague, Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences. She is focused on International Development and Agricultural Economics. She got familiar with Project Management, Principles of Development Institutions, Micro-financing and Rural Economics, Development and Poverty Reduction Strategies.

She successfully defended her master thesis on topic “Assessment of factors influencing improvement of market access among collective actions of small farmers in Moldova”.

Since 2014 Cristina is working in development sector in the countries as: Indonesia, Mongolia, Georgia, Ethiopia, Moldova and Ukraine. She was involved in Czech and EU donated projects such: “Improving availability of drinking water to village population in the southern part of Moldova”; "Strengthening of capacity building in quality assurance and science at Sumy National Agricultural University and Sumy State University"; “Analysis of Economic and Social Performance of Newly Created Farmers’ Group in the EU Eastern Partnership Countries: the case of Moldova”; "Strengthening the CSO partnership in the agricultural sector in Khentii Province in Mongolia ".  

She is an ambassador for Moldova in YPARD Platform and voting member in GREENPEACE.




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